Prep Day 17 (I think) — Countdown!

Aerial Bear
2 min readJan 20, 2021

We are leaving this afternoon. Or possibly tomorrow morning. But almost certianly this afternoon. I hope.

Yesterday we remembered the stuff in the garage. So maybe tomorrow.

We’ve been sleeping in the trailer, with the cats, which is going better than I’d hoped though generally as expected. The tabby’s got a hidey-hole but is happy to come out for treats or snuggles. The tortie has explored every possible corner of the trailer and is cataloguing her “pounce-able moments”.

We were cold the first night which was solved by the addition of a small humidifier.

After we left the Burning Man community, our trailer usage wa down to once or twice a year mostly for trips to Cape May. We both suspect that we will start getting out more once we’re in the Pacific Northwest, and if we do we’ll certainly get a larger RV. That’s a lengthy discussion for another time, but it’s very much on my mind this morning.

So if we leave this afternoon we’ll probably have 4–6 hours of drive time which should put us in Eastern Ohio.

Maya is upstairs sweeping and as soon as I finish this post, I’ll return to carrying stuff out to the trailer.

Weather looks good until Saturday when it looks like there’s be snow in Iowa.

Earlier this week, I deflated the air mattress we’d been sleeping on and it really hit me that this whole “phase” of my life is over. Lot so fthe rooms in our house have changed their usage, but Maya and I has slept in the same room for fifteen years. Fifteen years of reading to each other, talking, and holding hands while we fell asleep. Not that any of that will stop, it’ll just be happening in a different place.

I guess at my age I need to reflect on how much of my life is in the rearview. There’s still plenty of road ahead of me, but when I stop to think how far I’ve already traveled it’s a little overwhelming.

Looking out the windows, I see it’s begun to snow.



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