Travel Day 10 — the Great Escape

Aerial Bear
3 min readFeb 1, 2021
We’re above the “A” in Colorado, but not on the blue line anymore.

We’re in Denver, having traveled about 300 miles down I-80 and I-76. What a relief to get off I-80 and it’s endless supply of semis. I-76 was much less busy. The road surfaces were well worn, and there was a lot of grooved pavement which changes the way the car handles. But it was a sunny, dry, day and the treeless, flat landscape of eastern Colorado provides breathtaking long range views, though some of that feeling may have been altitude sickness.


Maya was giddy for at least an hour after we crossed the border. When we got out at our first rest stop in Colorado it was 50 degrees and everyone was wearing their masks! We were ecstatic.

The rockies took much longer to appear on the horizon than we thought they would. If you look at the map you’ll see that 76 runs southwest for most of it’s length and then turns straight west. Not long after we made that turn we started to see peaks until the range filled the horizon. Really enjoyable.

Last night we feasted on excellent Indian food, which was delivered to our room, an option I had forgotten existed in civilized places. The hotel TV, certainly built this century, allowed us to log in to our {expletive deleted] account and stream a series we’ve been watching. So nice. We’ve been watch shows on my laptop which works, but is not as comfortable.

We couldn’t set up the tent for the cats so they spent about seven hours in their carriers and were real troopers about it. We checked on them, including reassuring petting, at each of our rest stops but they were very happy to get to the hoel and stretch out. They both seem to have adjusted to traveling pretty well. They kind of know the routine now, and definitely prefer hotel rooms to the trailer. The tortie is dying to get on top of the flat screen like she used to do at home. It is fun watching her plan one of her spectacular leaps. You can just see the calculations forming in her head.

Sunset over the front range.

I had hoped to go to the Colorado Railroad Museum which is just west of Denver, but Monday is the one day a week it is closed, so no luck there. We might get in a quick visit tomorrow before our flight, but I doubt it as we’re both sleeping late.

Not much else to say. We’ll relax here for the day and head to the airport tomorrow. Tomorrow night we should be in our new home.

God, I hope so!



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