Travel Day 11 — in which very little happens

Yep! It went to eleven.

We spent the day in Superior with Maya feeling the effects of the altitude pretty badly. Our main activity was attempting, and eventually succeeding, in buying some pot-based pain cream.

You can only pay cash for anything with THC in it, even if it’s just a topical anesthetic, and neither of us could remember the PINs for our debit cards, since we never use them. So we started scheming for “ways to get cash TODAY” which all got very complicated and “heisty”. Eventually we just went to a bank branch and got a cash advance. It’s actually kind of funny and maybe I’ll write it all up later.

We spent the evening watching a show called “The Durrels in Corfu” which is really wonderful. Filmed largely on location on a Greek Island it is beautiful, funny, and heartwarming. And, occasionally, sad.

But as I write, on what is actually day 12, we are starting the scramble to get everything ready for the truck pick up, and our flight home, so I am keeping this one short. Here’s hoping my next post will be from Monmouth.

Best wishes to everyone.


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Aerial Bear

I am a bear living among humans, and have gotten so good at it that people rarely notice. I am a husband, step-father, author, musician, and much else.