Travel Day 6 — Nebraska, some more

Aerial Bear
3 min readJan 28, 2021


We’re under the “B” in Nebraska

It was not a good day. For me it started with a lengthy nose bleed, brought on by lots of cold dry air. We did about half the day on route 80 but when the tedium and endless semis got to be too much for me, we cut over to route 30 a state road that was clear of snow and lightly travelled. Until we arrived in Lexington, where the snow plow is clearly considered one of those Coastal Elite Sissy devices.

Nebraska — birthplace of minimalism?

With the sun setting and the roads slippery I elected to call it a day. Honestly I was getting panicked at the thought of driving down a snow state road in the dark, with thirty miles between towns.

Maya says these are corn stalks. Seems likely, though for all I know it’s cannabis.

Its beautiful here though, as Maya’s pictures show very well. The land is so flat here it has repeatedly make me think I am out at sea. Some fo the fields, covered in sheets of ice as flat as a table top, could be frozen lakes. Maybe some of them are?

And there are places where a line of trees on the far side of a field break to show, wait for it, even more fields beyond. And to me it looks like a bay opening through a barrier reef onto the sea, because we have a lot of that in the mid-Atlantics.

Another bonus of route 30 is that it runs right along a Union Pacific line and we saw two long freight trains running west, and another headed east. You can’t easily see trains like this in New Jersey so this wasa real treat for me.

Taking advantage of the early night we’ve been poring over maps and feeling a little grim about getting through the Cascades, but we are watching the weather, and planning.

Honestly, we are looking into shipping the trailer the rest of the way. The quotes are pretty reasonable, but I’m not sure of the timing. We arelso considering shipping the truck from Omaha and flying the rest of the way. With the snowstorms running up and down the west coast, and the one we just went through, this is starting to feel like more of a military exercise and less like an enjoyable trip across the country. We’ll work out the details tomorrow and see what’s best for us.



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