Travel Day One

Aerial Bear
2 min readJan 22, 2021
We’re directly under the first “N” in Pennsylvania. And I need a better image editor.

We did it! We left around 2:30 and travelled until 8 pm going only about 230 miles, and landing somewhere around Bedford PA, slightly more than halfway across Pennsylvania. It’s taking me some time to get used to driving with a trailer again-it’s been over a year. The trailer felt a little wobbly at anything over 50 mph, so we stopped and moved some of the weight forward, which helped. Tomorrow I’ll adjust the tension on the swayers, which should help as well. With trailers “wobbly” is not dangerous, but it’s an indicator that something dangerous could arise.

Leaving was oddly sudden. We rushed around all morning getting things ready and then we both looked around and, in the same moment, realized that the house was empty. Maya started to cry, and I asked her if she was happy or sad. She just nodded, so we had a long hug.

And then we left.

Good weather. Clear skies and high haze gave us light long after sunset. I love the colors of the sky against the black shapes of the hills and trees. Once we got onto the PA Turnpike Maya took a hard-earned nap, giving me time to realize that every 29.4 miles we are 1% closer to our new home, and to think about things like improving the road handling of the trailer/truck combo. Which I could totally geek out on for at least a half-page, but I’m pretty sure most of the you would switch back to your Facebook tab, so never mind. :D

The cats, I’m happy to say, settled right in. They’re in a pop-up mesh tent that fills most of the back of the truck, which we left open in the dining room for a few weeks before we left, so they’ve spent lots of time playing in and around it. They went right to sleep as soon as we starting rolling and we heard nothing more than the occasional meow. They seem to like the trailer and have found places to perch or stretch out for belly rubs.

Anyway, so far so good. Here’s hoping tomorrow we get in a good long day and put a lot more miles on the odometer. We’ll turn in early and get an early start.



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